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Your brand is more than just a logo and a website, just imagine you are the star on your own stage. At ME BRAND we define and create your unique appearance so you can make an impact on your ideal audience. 

If you have reached a peak in your career, are a consultant, coach or a key person of influence and want to take life to the next level, then
ME BRAND is for you.

MEET the designer & Founder

I'm Kitty Lai, a visual design communicator, brand strategist and the founder of ME BRAND.

I adore the theatrical aspect of branding;  from the creation of a mood and the emotional feeling that connects you to a brand, the visual appearance to the tone of voice. If branding was your stage, then I'll make you the star of it. 


With two decades of senior management commercial design experience, for iconic British brands such as Ted Baker and Cath Kidston, I am passionate about helping businesses come to life through visual communication.

Now, I want to bring my skill set into use on a personal level, to help success-driven individuals develop their personal brand to make an impact and confidently attract their ideal clients. 


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“The only brand I'm standing behind is ME  
- Kitty Lai, Founder of ME BRAND